About Us

Let Your Online Business Thrive With DiVA

Hi! Let me guess.  You’re an entrepreneur wondering if you can have a successful business AND A LIFE.  The answer is YES.  And this is the place where you’re going to get both.  DiVA (Digital Virtual Assistants) are here to help you with the online component of your business. We can take over the creation of websites, website and social media graphics, short and simple videos, and content management. Think of all the time you can gain to focus on running your core business, and to spend some priceless R-and-R for yourself and with your family.

DiVa are a group of creative entrepreneurs with a heart to help business entrepreneurs. Think of DiVA as the shared creative services department that you share with other business people, a concept that big corporations have been using for decades with great success and efficiency.

Whether you are starting or growing your business, it is not necessary for you to learn every skill imaginable to run your business. There are some tasks that can be better outsourced to other people like us — your digital virtual assistants. We offer our DiVA services so you can concentrate on your core processes, use your valuable time to make your business successful the way only you can, and then take a good rest on weekends.

We offer:

  • Web design using WordPress
  • Web hosting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphic Arts
  • Short and Simple Video creation
  • Content Creation (articles, custom-made graphics)

If you like what you’re hearing, then please send us a message, and we can take it from there.

Thank you for reading —

Your Digital Virtual Assistants